My Journey's End

Wishes and Care Plan

“Start with the end in mind”

This process reduces stress and confusion and promotes a resolution to unresolved matters and uncommunicated wishes. EOL planning brings clarity, peace, and a sense of readiness. 

In our sessions, we will identify your end-of-life priorities, current reality, and action steps for a life-fulling, end-of-life vision in each of these:


What does this all mean?

The bottom line is, you are buttoning up all of your loose ends. I will coach you through the process of finalizing, bringing to resolution, letting it go, bringing to light, no loose ends, and nothing left unsaid/undone.


You have three months to live and with vision, thoughtful planning, and an openness to honesty, clarity, and finality you can make your exit from this Earth plain the very best it can be for you and everyone.

This is not an advance directive!

It is a Care Plan, a way to prepare for your transition and to experience completion, happiness, and fulfillment during your final months and weeks of life.

What is in this Care Plan?

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Before our sessions, I will mail/email you a set of Reflection Questions specific to each Domain of Life. These questions are designed to stimulate and excavate.

These questions will help you to explore:

  • What will be most important to you?
  • What will you value most?
  • What comforting care will you want and need?
  • What can you live with and without?
  • What priorities, wishes, and dreams will you focus on?
  • Who would you want to help fulfill your B3M Care Plan: friends, family, and/or doctors/mentors/clergy?

Our focus will be on creating what you want, NOT what you don’t want. Ultimately, these questions will support you to claim, actualize, and experience what is most important NOW!

Upon completing the exploration of the Reflection Questions, we will create realistic goals and action steps in order to bring your End-of-Life vision to fruition.

The principles are:

S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – relevant
T – time-sensitive
E – evaluate
R – revise

Yes, you will have homework! My job is to coach you through the process of PLANNING your before, during, and after-death care and wishes. If you want it done your way, you must do the work.

This is the defining, yet evolving, document of the MJE Wish and Care Plan. A To-Do list, if you will. It captures and articulates in a written-out, visual format, your intentions and wishes from your current reality to a realized End-of-Life vision in the Five Domains of Life. These will be the action steps (SMARTER Goals) you commit to undertaking in order to close any gaps between your current reality and desired vision.

In this package, we will identify your end-of-life priorities, current reality, and action steps for a life-fulling, end-of-life vision concerning the five domains; Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, and Practical.

Between 5 to 10 - 1.5 hour care planning sessions

$375-$750 ($50/hour)