Restoring Death to its Sacred Place in the Beauty, Mystery, and Celebration of Life While Contributing to the Evolution of Consciousness

“In the sorrow, there is beauty"

What is a Death Doula?

End-of-Life Doulas are trained in holistic care modalities and offer comforting care to families and residents during illness and the dying process. My compassionate presence increases the quality of life for all involved. I fill the “care gap”, supporting family and medical teams. As a Death Doula, I help clients and families identify life and care priorities by using “My Journey’s End: Wish and Care Plan”, Coaching, and planning guided by the wishes/choices of the client and family.

Jaime Aldridge

I'm a Certified Conscious Dying Coach and Sacred Passage: End-of-Life Doula

Hello and welcome! I have been in New York State licensed massage therapist since 2001. For 15 years, I provided massage services to residents at a local nursing home. Giving the gift of massage, to a resident who was in the active stage of dying, was how my journey would begin; I just didn’t know it yet.

Features & Benefits of Working with an End of Life Death Doula


Creating healing environments that reduce fear, pain, and suffering for those who are dying or grieving is of the utmost importance. These environments should provide emotional and spiritual support for all involved. As an End-of-Life Death Doula, it is important to initiate conversations about death and to become comfortable with the dying process. Practicing self-care and reducing stress will help to ensure that I am better able to support those who are dying and grieving. It is also important to demystify the stages of the dying process and to acknowledge mysteries and unexplained events that may occur during this time. We should learn to be with intense emotions and to hold others’ beliefs while staying true to ourselves. Lastly, I strive to be a steward of conscious deaths, ensuring that no one dies alone by providing comfort and support throughout the dying process, we can help bring peace and comfort to those in need.


As an EOL Death Doula, it is important to ensure that individuals feel at ease and have their wishes known and fulfilled. This can be achieved by assisting in the creation of vision maps or to-do lists to ensure that loved ones have access to one’s wishes and care plans. By doing so, loved ones are not overwhelmed in the event of a medical crisis. The process of surrendering and letting go can be difficult, so it is important to provide support and assistance during this time. This not only helps the individual, but it also reduces the anxiety of “dying alone.” Additionally, by communicating with healthcare providers and understanding the options available, it is possible to help individuals avoid calling 911 and receiving unnecessary and/or unwanted medical treatment. Overall, being an EOL Death Doula means providing compassionate support and guidance throughout the EOL journey.

How May I Help You?

In life and in death my goal is to provide wholesome services to my clients with love.

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My Journey's End:
Wishes & Care Plan

In our sessions, we will identify your end-of-life priorities, current reality, and action steps for a life-fulling, end-of-life vision. To learn more click below.

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The Sacred
Passage Vigil

What if how we die is our greatest living legacy? A sacred rite of passage entrusted to the doula and family wherein your priorities, last wishes, and spiritual fulfillment are carried out? To learn more click below.


Whether you're curious about your and/or a family member's End-of-Life planning and care.